Fair Share 🔗

BlenderKit is innovative not only as an add-on, but also as a business model.

The way we redistribute money from subscriptions is simple but novel. It involves a bit of math, which we'll try to explain.

If a Full plan user pays, say, 10$, we get that amount less a transaction fee (and in some cases an affiliate share - see our Affiliate Program). In this example, we'll count on nine dollars and the money will become one-to-one credits.

Redistribution 🔗

At the end of each month, a redistribution will take place. First, the points of all the assets that the user has downloaded (It doesn't matter if they are from the Free or Full plan) are added up, and the credits from the user are distributed according to the corresponding ratios.

More about rating

Each asset has a score, which is determined by this formula from the rating:

score = median complexity × average quality

Suppose a user downloads two assets - One with a score of 100 and the other with a score of 200. The sum of the scores for these assets is 300. The calculation for the first user is (10 credits/300)*100, which equals 3 credits.

This is the basis for the amount that goes to the creator for that asset. From this amount our fees are deducted - 15% for BlenderKit and 15% for open-source development.

Benefits of this system 🔗

Our system provides benefits to both users and creators:

For users, it means true freedom to create - after paying, they don't have to worry about anything and don't have to limit their creative outlet.

For creators, there are several advantages:

Instead of individual sales, the creator can participate in a subscription system, which is more attractive for the user.

The income is not one-off, but stable over the long term. Although individual transactions are orders of magnitude smaller than typical single asset sales, the number of subscribers makes our creators' results comparable to other marketplaces.

If users use your asset again in a new scene or month, the download will be counted again in the redistribution. Redistributions thus better reflect the real usefulness of your creation.

Users like to buy complete solutions - large asset packages that are hard to create for individuals. At BlenderKit, we all work together to create the best asset pack ever.

Price and distribution

Due to the nature of our service, there is only one price, and we change it from time to time. As the size of the database increases, we try to increase the price gradually, but at the same time we want to be accessible to as many users as possible. We also offer regular discount promotions, which allow us to increase the number of subscribers and thus get more funds to you, our creators.