About 🔗

We founded BlenderKit in 2017 with these intentions:

  • Improve Blender workflow with new ideas.
  • Make a shared Library that can be used by everyone and created by everyone in the community.
  • Have a big part of the Library free so every user can enjoy what we do.
  • Have a sustainability plan, which means to make enough money for these sub-plans:
    • Support Blender development and open-source in general
    • Support us to be able to do what we do.
    • Help artists make similar or better money as on typical marketplaces, with an innovative monetization system we call Fair share.

BlenderKit was first released in October 2018 and it brings sun into our lives since then.

Petr Dlouhý 🔗

I am developer of the backend.

I don't want to be like a programmer's stereotype, so I am seriously actively working on my social skills. Plus I do sports passionately. You can often find me torturing my body on a boulder. I also care about nature in cities, so I prefer two wheels before four. That is not very easy task in Prague. This habit had lead to my previous work, which was developing supporting software for czech Bike to work campaign in the Auto*Mat NGO.

I also do improv. Theatre. In front of people. And I LOVE open-source.

Vilém Duha 🔗

I am a long time blender artist and add-on developer. I remember Blender 1.8, no kidding. It had a great game engine. I developed about 20 blender add-ons. Made some artsy movies. Came with the crazy idea of BlenderKit. Besides coding the add-on, I do validation, communication with creators, and I uploaded lots of stuff into the library. I love open-source.

Vilém can teach you Blender 3D

Karolína Húserková 🔗

Karolina is our best (and only) manager. Since she joined us part-time, our jobs simply flow better. She is a manager - but with the cultural topping, who knows the places where artists soul has to meet project deadlines, accounting, and all that other stuff that the company has to deal with. She loves great movies, and also understand them.

Monika Rygalová 🔗

I devote myself partly to artistic practice - in which I mostly research technologies and their effects on society and in my free time I devote myself to my art group lilky_60200 with which we try to introduce more well-being, friendship, and wellness activities into established artistic practice.
In my practice, I usually work with open-source and creative common assets, so that was why I started working in Blenderkit. My job is to create videos and tutorials, manage social networks and I'm still trying to improve in Blender.

Adam Krhánek 🔗

I'm a trained figurative sculptor. I focus mainly on cyber sculpture and digital graphics. By cybersculpture I mean working with 3D scanners, modeling in Blender and other cool programs, 3D printing, and CNC machining. I create visualizations for VR and work on two board games. Besides validating for BlenderKit, I'm also an active creator.

PORTFOLIO Adam can teach you Blender 3D

Mike Radjabov 🔗

A positive, driven collaborator, who consistently learns new techniques and love to share knowledge with others and it's a big opportunity for me to join BlenderKit team - mainly as a validator, but also I'm working on various projects, such as:

  • Wrote, illustrated and animated wide range of design concepts for creator’s dashboard and website improvements
  • Validated thousands of assets for online database which are available now for Blender users
  • Created scripts and voice overs for online tutorials for the BlenderKit Youtube channel

These will hopefully, improve user experience and overall BlenderKit appearance in 3D community.


Amanpreet Bajwa 🔗

I am a Senior 3D Artist working in the Games and 3D industry from a decade now. While working part time with BlenderKit, I also don't know when I became a part of the family. I bring my expertise to keep the quality of library in check by providing feedback on the assets validation.
What makes me unique is my experience working on many of the world-famous games like GTA, Forza, Walking Dead, Hunting Sim and many more. Before working in games, I worked on Commercials, Animation and Arch Viz, so I gained an extensive experience during that. Now I work in Games part-time, Support team B-Kit and teach 3D, Blender, and ways of the Game Art online.

Learn Blender with me Portfolio

Andreas Gajdošík 🔗

I am a new media artist and programmer. As a visual artist I focus on useful art, socially engaged projects and artivism that often involve programming, new technologies and interventionist provocative stances.

As a programmer, my professional interests include quality assurance, testing, automation, and development itself. I like Python for its readability and friendly community, but I also enjoy programming in Go. In BlenderKit I work mostly on development and testing of add-on.

In my free time I play techno on a eurorack synthesizer and believe in a sustainable and inclusive future.

GitHub Portfolio

Radek Holý 🔗

I am (resp. you may know me) as a piece of this universe to which they gave a name (Radek) and a shape (of a skinny boy), but is there something like me or you?

Besides philosophizing about the meaning of life, I spend my working hours contributing to the BlenderKit's back end.

The rest of my life is a mess of unpredictable attempts to spread peace, love, and equality (and money) and to stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, whether I use my family, friends, animals, my favorite artists, my favorite yoga teachers, or sports equipment for it. As a (formally former) Red Hatter, I love open source.