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BlenderKit is a free online database of materials, brushes and 3D models which you can search, download, upload and rate via our add-on directly in Blender.

BlenderKit is a community — you don’t have to pay to become a creator, and you can download the add-on and use the brushes and materials for free. The full database of models becomes available when you subscribe.

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Join a Fair Share Marketplace

We invented a way of sharing the income from subscriptions with the creators. We call this system “Fair Share”, and we are the first to use this type of system for providing creative assets.

We don’t limit how many assets the users can download.

Become a creator
Considerably faster and more effective workflow
Optimized Blender UI for fast access to all BlenderKit 3D assets
Search and download multiple assets into the scene while working
Everything you need for your work directly in Blender

Support Blender development

Our goal is to give subscribers influence over improvements to Blender though these contributions. From all transactions, a fee is charged which goes towards supporting Blender development.

Each month, we’re keeping track of and sharing with our users how much revenue is sent to the Blender Foundation Development fund.

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Set up your scenes faster with high quality assets

We save your time by accepting good quality assets only. Ratings are also reflected in search result priorities, so users can see the best content first.

You can search for and download multiple assets, and keep working on your scene simultaneously.

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