Validation status

Each asset has a 'verification status'. It's important for you to know if your asset uploaded successfully and where it got during the so called validation process. Validation simply means somebody looks at your upload, and checks it for quality or possible mistakes. Here's a list explaining what all possible statuses mean.


Your asset is being uploaded to server. If the asset stays in this state even after upload from add-on, it got stuck during upload. Probably, your file was too large or your connection too slow or interrupting. If you have repeated issues, please contact us and let us know, it might be a bug.


Your asset uploaded successfully. Yay! If it's public, it's awaiting validation. If it's private, use it!

On Hold

Your asset needs some (usually smaller) fixes, so we can make it public for everybody. Please check validator comments under your asset to see the feedback that we send to every creator personally.


This means the asset has serious quality issues, and it's probable that it might be good to start all over again or try with something simpler. You also get personal feedback in a comment under your asset, since we believe that together, we can all learn to become awesome 3D artists.


This status can be only set by you when you delete the asset from the add-on or from your website profile


Your asset passed our validation process and is now available to BlenderKit users.