What if somebody downloads the whole database during his subscription, then he can use it forever?

This is the first question we get (literally from everybody). The reason for the question is that the subscription is cheap and there are no download limits. We believe creators don’t have to fear their assets will be literally ‘stolen’. There are several reasons why we don’t think this will happen:

  • The database is constantly growing, and will soon have the size of many Gigabytes. Besides almost unlimited quotas on using models, we have some bandwidth limits too in the plans.
  • After subscription ends, search in add-on still works, but it doesn’t connect with the items on the hard drive. This means - if the user wants to use the files, he has to append them the ‘old style’ way and has to spend time actually finding what he needs.
  • The time possibly spent to organize files on the hard drive will cost anybody much more money than our subscription costs.
  • Buying hard drives that would be able to store the database would cost more than paying for the subscription.
  • We believe that even if some users do this ‘leeching’, they will eventually either come back after realizing the on-line connection is better for them, or we can assume they just don’t have the money to spend even for a very cheap subscription.

All these reasons make us believe, that even if single transactions on BlenderKit can be very little (value of few cents) in the end, you get the same or better money than on traditional marketplaces.

You offer materials and brushes for free. Why should creators create them?

Materials are still counted in downloads for the paying users. So when somebody pays, his subscription is split between creators of all types of assets.

Can I upload compositions made of models from other people?

By now this isn't possible.

Can I upload materials made from downloaded textures?

It depends. Definitely not when the textures are from commercial services, but we will probably also not accept materials created from downloaded texture sets from texture sites like texture Texture Haven, cgbookcase, cc0textures and similar. Even if these textures are CC0, there is very little work involved in connecting these to the principled shader in Cycles, and we would like the potential income from such materials to go to their original authors. Uploading such materials is perfectly legal from anybody's side, and this is rather our personal opinion. It’s always better if you create your textures with some of the PBR texturing tools out there.

Can I sell materials made from other BlenderKit materials?

Procedural materials can be remixed (and sold on BlenderKit). But should be considerably improved before being re-uploaded. If there are image textures in the material, it’s not allowed.

Can I sell models that use BlenderKit materials?

Yes, definitely. Material creators should count with this

Can I sell games made with BlenderKit models, materials?