Creators FAQ

How long do Payouts take?

We do payouts manually for security reasons. It always takes one or two weeks since the request. Sometimes the delay can be bigger due to illness or other reasons.

What are the licenses used for BlenderKit assets?

Read more about Licenses here.

What are downloads and Downloads with redistribution earnings on my asset on my assets page?

Downloads represent how many times an asset has been downloaded, whether it was a free download or a paid one. There are usually many more free downloads if the asset is free.

Downloads with redistribution earnings - When a paying user downloads your item, it's a new download but it is not yet 'redistributed'. This is because redistribution happens at the end of the month (always since the date when the user subscribed), so there might be downloads that were not counted in redistributions yet. Also, if a user downloads an asset into one scene several times, it gets counted as one download for redistribution. If the user downloads the same asset into several scenes, it gets counted in each one as a new download for redistribution.

Can I reupload models?

If you open your original file, you can reupload the model from the upload panel.

2nd option to do that is by downloading the asset with the Append option on, tweaking the asset and then reuploading.

The asset stores an asset ID (the parent object if it's a parented hierarchy), and only if the addon finds it, then it allows you to reupload it.

You offer materials and brushes for free. Why should creators create them?

Materials are still counted in downloads for the paying users. So when somebody pays, his subscription is split between creators of all types of assets.

Can I upload compositions made of models from other people?

By now this isn't possible.

Can I upload materials made from downloaded textures?

It depends. Definitely not when the textures are from commercial services, but we will probably also not accept materials created from downloaded texture sets from texture sites like texture Texture Haven, cgbookcase, cc0textures and similar. Even if these textures are CC0, there is very little work involved in connecting these to the principled shader in Cycles, and we would like the potential income from such materials to go to their original authors. Uploading such materials is perfectly legal from anybody's side, and this is rather our personal opinion. It’s always better if you create your textures with some of the PBR texturing tools out there.

Can I sell materials made from other BlenderKit materials?

Procedural materials can be remixed (and sold on BlenderKit). But should be considerably improved before being re-uploaded. If there are image textures in the material, it’s not allowed.

Can I sell models that use BlenderKit materials?

Yes, Please read about our licenses.

Can I sell games made with BlenderKit models, materials?

Yes, Please read about our licenses.

Is it possible to use Blenderkit free materials on my custom made models, render them in 2D images, and sell them on stock platforms such as Shutterstock or Adobe stock? 

Yes you can do that.

Can I use your free 3D models (such as, packaging box, card, leaves etc.) customise them, render them in 2D image and make PSD mockups for sale on Graphicriver, Creativemarket or any other stock platforms?

Yes, this is possible.

My asset has a rating of 10. Why so Low?

This means we forgot to add you a first rating of the asset, please notify us about this.The ratings are mainly created by users, not by us. Admins or validators give a first rating. Everyone rates a bit differently. Everyone can help by rating other people's assets to improve how things are sorted and what is the result score. Only when assets have more ratings, the score gets more stable and usually reflects quality well. We invite especially You, creators to rate more often, since you are the people who can appreciate and evaluate the quality of other professionals. By hitting the 'F' key, you can rate assets faster directly in the assetbar (but always do so when you saw the model also in your scene, thumbnails can be misleading sometimes. Admins ratings currently have the same weight as users ratings - we try to build a community, not a hierarchy.

The tutorials you provide aren’t enough. Can I get a demo file?

Basically each BlenderKit asset you download (use Append in import settings of BlenderKit search panel) is a good demo-file. If you append it into the scene, you can see how the author filled in metadata, and how the axes , center, and scaling are done. We recommend to check also pictures or ceiling lamps, there you can see how the Z axis orientation works for snapping of objects.