Uploading a scene

Note: this tutorial goes into detail for Public uploads. To upload to your private account, you can ignore the rules and just do things your way.

First a few prerequisites:

  • Public scenes on BlenderKit should be tools, not 100 % finished shots only to be rendered.
  • You can have a broad image of what these might be, but always it should be something that the user can use to create something more than just a render of that scene. So it might be a garage for cars, a pedestal for characters, always with a clear place to place user’s models.
  • It can also be a template to finish a certain job.
  • If something makes more sense as a model, upload it as a model first.
  • Don’t include HDRs, and if so, please include only a smaller resolution
  • Scenes shouldn’t be over 500Mb
  • You should clean the scene from any hidden data before upload, and not include any linked data.

If you checked all points above, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Switch to the Scene for upload.
  2. Go to the BlenderKit upload panel, select upload Scenes.
  3. Fill in name, description, and tags. Be descriptive, our search engine can benefit from it and when users can find your HDR, they’ll use it.
  4. Render a square thumbnail of your scene, a minimum of 1024x1024. Try to make a beautiful thumbnail that clearly shows the creative intent of the scene. Link the thumbnail to the upload.
  5. Go through the other input fields, always read the tooltip of the field to know what is the purpose of the field.
  6. Hit upload.
  7. Wait and don’t close Blender. BlenderKit prepares and uploads the file in the background.
  8. Open a new file, search for your Scene. Click and test if it downloads correctly. New scenes aren’t activated by default so you should switch to the scene.
  9. If you uploaded the Scene for the public part of the database, please wait for a validation email. We want to keep high quality and clean database, that’s why you might need to fix some things when we write you back.