Licensing FAQ

These questions are related to Royalty Free license, since the CC0 license technically allows you to do anything with the assets.
We however recommend you to always appreciate the authors of any creations and not to sell them anywhere, it just makes you a bad name in the 3D community.

Can I sell renders and animations made with BlenderKit?
Yes, you can.

Can I sell games made with BlenderKit models?
Yes, if these can't be extracted by the users in an easy way.

Can I sell 3D scenes made from BlenderKit models on other 3D model marketplaces?
No you can't.

Can I upload compositions made of models from other people?

By now this isn't possible.

Can I upload materials made from downloaded textures?

It depends. Definitely not when the textures are from commercial services, but we will probably also not accept materials created from downloaded texture sets from texture sites like texture Texture Haven, cgbookcase, cc0textures and similar. Even if these textures are CC0, there is very little work involved in connecting these to the principled shader in Cycles, and we would like the potential income from such materials to go to their original authors. Uploading such materials is perfectly legal from anybody's side, and this is rather our personal opinion. It’s always better if you create your textures with some of the PBR texturing tools out there.

Can I sell materials made from other BlenderKit materials?

Procedural materials can be remixed (and provided on BlenderKit). But should be considerably improved before being re-uploaded. If there are image textures in the material, it’s not allowed.

Can I sell models that use BlenderKit materials?

Yes, you can.

Can I sell games made with BlenderKit models, materials?

Yes, you can, but the assets shouldn't be directly extractable in the distribution.

Is it possible to use Blenderkit free materials on my custom made models, render them in 2D images, and sell them on stock platforms such as Shutterstock or Adobe stock? 

Yes you can do that.

Can I use your free 3D models (such as, packaging box, card, leaves etc.) customise them, render them in 2D image and make PSD mockups for sale on Graphicriver, Creativemarket or any other stock platforms?

Yes, this is possible.