Uploading a HDR 🔗

Before uploading your HDR image, please make sure it fills the requirements of the public database - has a sufficient resolution and provides an interesting lightning setup with nice reflections for potential users.

  1. Open the HDR image in blender (don’t pack the image)
  2. Go to the BlenderKit upload panel and select upload HDR. Pick the image in the first field
  3. Fill in a name, a description and add tags. Be descriptive in order to help users find your HDR on our search engine.
  4. Choose if your HDR will be public or private. If your HDR is meant for the public, also choose how you want to share it- for free or as part of the Full Plan database.
  5. Hit upload.
  6. Wait and don’t close Blender. BlenderKit will upload your HDR in the background.
  7. Open a new file and search for your HDR. Click to test if it downloads correctly.
  8. If you uploaded the HDR to the public database, please wait for a validation email.