Brush upload.

  • Check your brush is working perfectly for what you created it for.
  • Generate preview:
    • Go to BlenderKit -> search, scenes
    • Search for brush template
    • Choose planar or spherical preview scene
    • In this scene, increase multiresolution resolution on preview object (usually 6)
    • Make a brush stroke, possibly as simple as possible, as big as possible.
    • Render the brush preview in this scene, save it as .jpg
    • Go back to sculpt mode with the brush, go to options -> appearance, and check custom icon ON, and set path to your preview image.
  • Now you can fill in the tags for the brush in BlenderKit upload - brushes, and upload your brush for validation.

Creating a brush

  • You can speedup creation of new brushes by using brush templates in the BlenderKit scenes. Just search for ‘brush template’
  • In this scene, there is a model preset for modelling (or sculpting). You can also import your models, just set their material to the ‘depth’ material already present in the scene.