Upload Tutorials 🔗

BlenderKit supports several types of assets. Here you can find tutorials and info about how to upload each asset.

We currently limit file size to about 500 MB per asset.

We plan to have more types of assets added in the future, so stay tuned!

Upload Models 🔗

Choose between assigning models to the full plan or the free plan. Read the following tutorial carefully to make sure your models will be validated. Beware of restrictions regarding uploading models and enjoy!

Upload Models Tutorial

Upload Materials 🔗

All BlenderKit materials are free. It is preferred to upload standard PBR setup materials or purely procedural materials. Procedural materials are lighter on memory, while PBR materials render faster and are compatible with other applications. Find more info on the following tutorial.

Uploading a material

Upload Brushes 🔗

BlenderKit supports sculpting and painting brushes. We already have more than 90 sculpting brushes, but only a few paint brushes. Help us to get more!

Uploading a Brush

Upload Scenes 🔗

Scenes in BlenderKit are supposed to be tools that help artists achieve their visions. learn how to create and upload them.

Uploading a Scene

Upload HDRs 🔗

Uploading HDR's is really simple, once you know how to create them.

Uploading a HDR