Creator terms and conditions 🔗


  • A user is a person who subscribes to BlenderKit subscription service, or registers and uses free BlenderKit plan
  • A Creator is a person who uploads assets to the online BlenderKit database and these assets get validated.
  • BlenderKit Is the company running online service on
  • Creator score. Each creator is awarded a score, which is a sum of the score of assets he uploaded + bonuses for other things done (like ratings). The score will be used to change redistribution rates of the creator, creators with a high score will recieve more credits from each transaction.
  • Asset quality is star based rating with values from 1 to 10, calculated from ratings submitted by users
  • Asset complexity is a value derived from the work-hour estimates submitted by users
  • Redistribution rate specifies the ratio by which the credits are split between the creator, blender development and BlenderKit. This is for a starting creator - 70% for the creator, 15% blender development and 15% BlenderKit. We are working on ways how creators can reach different redistribution rates by creator score.

Processing of transactions on BlenderKit

  • The money BlenderKit receives from the user (after subtraction of transaction fees from the payment provider - currently only PayPal) get converted to credits on BlenderKit, where 1 USD is 1 credit.
  • The user who uploads assets is eligible to obtain credits on his online account through the Fair share system.
  • When the user fills billing info, he becomes eligible to get credits converted back to USD and have them sent back to his account.
  • The credits on BlenderKit which come from a subscription fee are split between creators, development fund and BlenderKit.

Fair share transaction calculation

  • Credits from every user per month are redistributed on the end of each month (counting from the day when the user paid for his subscription). The credits are split between the creators of assets that user downloaded during the downloads performed by the user, with the ratio of the asset score of the assets the user has downloaded.
  • Each asset has an asset score value = asset complexity * asset quality.
  • After a user downloads assets during the whole subscription period (by now always one month), the asset scores are added together, and then the credits from this user are split with according ratios.
  • The formula for what amount gets redistributed to a creator for a single asset download is:
    • Redistribution amount = (Credits coming from the subscription / sum of all downloads asset scores) * asset score of the particular asset downloaded

So if a user downloads e.g. 2 assets - one asset would have the score of 100 points, while another one 200 points and the user had 10 credits generated from his subscription, then the credits are split like this: (10 Credits / 300) * 100, which equals to ~ 3.3 credits. for the first asset (6.6 for the second asset).

  • The redistribution amount is then split by the redistribution rate assigned to the creator.
  • BlenderKit reserves the right to recalculate credit transactions, in case of errors or bugs in the software that calculates the transactions. Therefore, also the amount of credits on a creators profile may be changed after such recalculation.

Handling of the credits obtained

  • The credits assigned to the creator are accumulated on his profile on BlenderKit site.
  • When the creator starts accumulating credits on his account, there are several options to choose.
    • The creator can spend credits for his own subscription on BlenderKit.
    • The creator can also choose to spend the credits on blender development.
    • Creator can decide to fill his billing info and have the credits converted to USD and sent back to his account. For this, a creator needs to be eligible to make bussiness online with BlenderKit s.r.o. By the laws of the country he comes from. This is confirmed by filling the billing info and agreeing with these terms of use.
  • If creators credits accumulate on the account during the end of the year, BlenderKit is eligible to take away a percentage of the credits relative to the taxes that have to be paid as profit tax by the company.

Handling of the uploaded assets

  • BlenderKit doesn’t require or enforce any exclusivity of the assets provided to the site by the creator
  • Creator owns his uploaded assets.
  • Assets downloaded by the users are offered under the Royalty Free license, which is the license under which currently the assets get uploaded.
  • Creator agrees that BlenderKit assets might be offered through other software and platforms in the future, always under similar conditions as in these terms and conditions, with these exceptions:
    • If the assets are provided through another open source software (like game engine and similar, the part of the money intended for open source development will be spent on development on such an open source package.
  • Creator agrees that BlenderKit might offer the assets provided also in free plans - this involves assets of the type material and brush.
  • All assets provided to the website might be offered during Free trial periods and during the beta release stage.
  • The assets may be processed through auto-conversion mechanisms to enable the offering of the assets for other render engines and in other software packages.