Here comes the GeoNodevenber challenge!

We want to celebrate geometry nodes with a friendly competition. It will run throughout November and the winner will be announced in December.

How to participate

  1. During November, upload assets created only with geometry nodes.The number and type of assets is totally up to you.

  2. There is no limit on how many nodes and groups you can use. However, make sure you create everything on your own from scratch with no external help.

  3. Any geometry node asset is welcome, but no image textures, no nodes that load external data, no manual sculpting/modeling and basic primitives only within the geometry nodes graph.

  4. Submit your assets to the competition on My assets page by clicking on the Edit Asset icon.

  5. Tag your posts on social media and BlenderKit with #Geonodevember2023, #nodevember2023 and #blenderkit


On the 15th of November voting will start. Everyone is invited to vote for their favorite asset.


The winner will receive a yearly BlenderKit submission.

The idea for the competition came from Check it for inspiration.

Looking forward to all your nodes!