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Why download one when you can have all online

The whole BlenderKit database is online and accessible directly in Blender.
To get Sepulchral Chapel Rotunda, activate the Add-on in Blender for free.

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Every registered BlenderKit user gets free private storage, where you can safely upload your assets to build up your personal library.

If you later become confident enough to share your work, you can join BlenderKit creators and upload your own assets publicly.

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Activate add-on directly in Blender

BlenderKit add-on is a part of Blender so you can enable it in a second.

Go to preferences, then open Add-ons.

Put BlenderKit in the search box and check 3D View: BlenderKit asset library.

Create an account and activate by pressing Login directly in BlenderKit settings or Profile tab in BlenderKit panel.

BlenderKit activate screenshot

Don't have Blender yet?

BlenderKit is preinstalled in Blender