BlenderKit Affiliate Links Terms and Conditions 🔗

Usage Restrictions 🔗

Paid Advertisements: Affiliates are prohibited from using the affiliate link in paid advertisements on platforms such as Google AdWords or any similar advertising tools.

Brand Integrity: The referral link must not be used in any manner that could potentially harm, misrepresent, or tarnish the reputation and brand of BlenderKit.

Misleading Representations: Affiliates must not make false or misleading claims about BlenderKit's offerings when promoting their affiliate link.

Direct Linking: Affiliates are discouraged from directly linking their ads to BlenderKit using their affiliate link without providing additional value or context.

Content and Promotion 🔗

Duplicate Content: Affiliates should avoid duplicating content from BlenderKit's official site for their promotional materials or landing pages.

Clear Distinction: Affiliates must ensure that their promotional content is distinct and does not create confusion with official BlenderKit campaigns or materials.

Ethical Considerations 🔗

Click Integrity: Affiliates must not engage in click fraud or any practices that artificially inflate clicks or traffic to their affiliate link.

Cookie Practices: Affiliates are prohibited from using techniques like cookie stuffing or any other methods that force a tracking cookie onto a user's device without a genuine click on the affiliate link.

Rights and Revocation 🔗

The BlenderKit team reserves the right to review, revoke, and deactivate any affiliate link at their discretion. This can be due to violations of these terms or if it's believed that the distribution of the affiliate link is not in the best interest of promoting BlenderKit appropriately.

By participating in the BlenderKit affiliate program, affiliates agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply may result in the termination of the affiliate's participation in the program and forfeiture of any earned commissions.