Could you please tell us about yourself – it’s always exciting to learn more about a professional 3D artist like you…

BH: I’m an interior and exterior designer with more than 4 years of experience. Now I’m working remotely because of the pandemic situation in the world. I have several work contracts with architectural studios and working on many interesting projects all over the world.

Where do you usually get your inspiration for your work?

BH: To feed my mind I prefer to surf through Behance and Pinterest, looking for some inspiration from other professionals. Sometimes you can find pretty unique ideas out there. However, I also loved to travel to different cities and get inspiration from real architecture and elements, which is now pretty complex due to known circumstances…

When did you first start to use Blender, how did you learn to work in it the way you do?

BH: I started using Blender in my free time and really love it. Then I have joined some communities to keep in touch with skilled artists. Blender has an awesome community; I really like that you can find any information in the forums.

Do you also use different 3D software for creating?

BH: One of my main 3D software’s is 3ds Max with Corona renderer, which I’ve been using for a long time, but since I’ve learned Blender, I’m thinking to switch over to it for most of my tasks.
What is the best thing about being a 3D artist in your opinion?

BH: I think it’s great to be an artist because you can think out of the box and solve issues with creative methods. CG artists can do our world much better because you can create anything that is limited within your imagination. And more important that you can work remotely from any part of the world.

From your portfolio on our website I can see that you do mostly all kinds of interior design stuff like chairs, sofas, lights, tables, etc. but recently you also uploaded some cars. What do you love to create most in Blender?

BH: One of my goals is to improve the asset library of BlenderKit because you are a pioneer of making assets for Blender better. I like your add-on guys and every time I want to model something, I have been researching categories where I can upload models with good quality and trying to do my best. Sometimes I can model different assets, just to try new techniques and styles and hopefully, my models can be useful for some users.

Also, on BlenderKit you upload only models, are you also interested in creating different kinds of materials or brushes?

BH: I really want to learn Substance Painter to get high-resolution materials for models. Hopefully, I can upload some amazing materials into BlenderKit.

Who are your heroes in this industry who inspire you? Are you a member of any art communities?

BH: I’m pretty curious about different styles in art, not only architecture, so I follow some cool artists from Artstation and Behance. Can’t say that they are my heroes, but certainly a very good source of inspiration.

What do you think about the BlenderKit platform? What is your experience with it and what would you point out so we can improve it.

BH: It will be so good to see on BlenderKit more set of models like decorations, lights, and furniture with better quality. Cause it's pretty time-consuming to create them from scratch for interiors. Also, I really like your new design of the website, keen to see more improvements in the future.

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